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another CoreIMS successful installation

Product Name: CoreIMS Inventory Management by Core Partners, Inc.
Download Type: Case Study
Format: .DOCX
Published: 10/21/2014
MSG Marketing, an Illinois based designer, manufacturer and distributor of curtain rods and accessories for Bed, Bath & Beyond has expanded operations with the help of CorePartners, Inc. of Frederick, Maryland. This effort involves customized CoreIMS™ Enterprise Inventory Management application along with barcode scanning and printing hardware to meet changing needs in a fast paced environment.

MSG was looking for an inventory management solution to manage a high volume flow of goods to meet specific shipping demands and compliance with BBB’s EDI program. Making use of CorePartners 50 plus years of combined operational experience in the industry (warehousing, materials management, inventory control, supply chain management, software development) MSG was able to not only meet their customer needs, but to also double their ability to ship and receive goods to BBB locations in terms of volume.

CorePartners reviewed MSG Marketing’s business needs and matched them to the standard functions provided by CoreIMS™ EE Inventory Management Software. Many of their business needs were met by CoreIMS EE of the shelf software. MSG Marketing’s unique EDI requirements were fulfilled by CorePartners highly trained software development team. Currently, MSG Marketing posts shipping orders to CoreIMS™ EE via an order import from their business system, allocates stock to orders based on FIFO, prints a UCC 128 labels for each carton to be shipped, prints BOLs and manifests for the carriers delivering the product to the customer request pool point ship-to, and generates EDI 945 ASN to advise the customer what product on what sales order has been shipped on which trailer by which carrier.

CoreIMS™ EE Inventory Management Software provides to MSG Marketing with the tool by which they can receive and putaway newly receive inventory quickly and accurately. Goods are handled in the warehouse very efficiently using the technology and workflow that make sense in that warehouse. The outbound EDI allows their Customer to better manage the flow of material through the Ship-to Points and on to the Retail Store. MSG Marketing’s performance to their customer’s scorecard is very, very good.

About CoreIMS™ EE Inventory Management Software
CoreIMS™ Enterprise Edition Inventory Management package encompasses the complete functionality of CoreIMS™ Standard Edition Inventory Management System, with additional features such as item ownership, batch order processing , warehouse charge accumulation and reporting for 3rd partly logistics operators.

Inventory Management Software adds the operational requirements needed by companies who need to manage the inventory. For the accountant, inventory is the value of goods held by the company. The value is calculated by receipts and shipments. For operations, inventory is all of the goods held in a warehouse. Inventory Management Software is the tool by which the operations staff finds the inventory to fill the needs of the company;

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