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Expert Response Program

How does it work? If a user posts a new message thread to any one of our Software related message boards, (Not Topic related boards) our server will automatically notify all of our participating consultants and/or vendors via email that a new message thread has been started. The experts will then have the opportunity to post a response if they choose to.

Who benefits? Everyone benefits, the person who posts a message will benefit because their chance of having someone respond to their posting increases dramatically and the quality of the response should also be higher. The expert vendor benefits because they can ensure that people are not misinformed about their product or services and receive accurate and helpful responses to their questions. The expert consultant benefits because by responding to certain messages they may generate consulting opportunities and/or increase their exposure to other people and companies who may want to solicit their services at a later time.

Who is an expert? Any registered consultant or vendor who chooses to participate in the program. Registered consultants, are considered experts for each software product that they select as a supported product on our website. Registered vendors, are considered experts for each of their respective software products listed on our website.

If you have questions or comments regarding our Expert Response program click here: feedback

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