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Date Posted: 12/28/2007

Integration and Automation In 2008

What can they do for you?
With another business year just around the corner, it’s time to consider what improvements your construction company could be making to ensure that 2008 will be a more productive year then 2007 (We all know we need a better year.)

It's no secret that the construction industry has been on a downhill slant for the last few years. Leads aren't pouring in like they used to, a new remodeling company moved into your neighborhood or maybe customers are holding back on adding that new edition. Whatever the case might be, it's time to start thinking about what you can do in 2008. Contractors Software Group has two words for you – integration and automation.

Wayne Brunn of Brunn Construction invested in integrated software in 2003. He was looking for a fully integrated system that would create a more efficient communication path that connected the entire company.

“We were hoping for better communication with sub contractors and suppliers as well as better cost control,” Brunn said.

Brunn looked at a number of different software options but eventually invested in CSG’s Plus Series. The Plus Series core pacakge includes sales, estimating, scheduling and job accounting.

“We liked the national recognition that came with the name CSG. It offered a completely automated and integrated system designed specifically for the building industry, something that no other software offered,” Brunn said.

Integration and automation is the foundation for the construction industry’s future. It provides better and more efficient communications methods, professional looking documents, an effective way to stay organized, generate creative sales and marketing tools and ensure efficient follow up. According to Jeff Knutson, president of Contractors Software Group, in order to better understand what automation can do for your company, simply ask yourself these questions.

1. Does my business have the tools to offer our sales agents the ability to successfully track prospects?
2. Do we have efficient procedures for tracking customer history and service warranty work?
3. Do we have processes to capture all of the on-going referral based business?
4. Do we have the tools in place to keep our jobs on schedule?
5. Are our methods of estimating, pricing, and tracking change orders efficient and clear to our clients?
6. Are we doing a good job of tracking our actual versus budgeted costs on jobs?
7. Do we have a one-entry system that our entire office can work from to accomplish a company common goal?

“Evaluating the answers to these questions is the first step to improving your business,” Knutson said. “If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, taking the time to evaluate your business processes might be your answer to improve your business for tomorrows future.”

Imagine tracking leads from the beginning all the way through customer service. Imagine using your estimating system to create proposals and once the proposals are signed sending purchase orders to your vendors electronically. Imagine pulling up a prospect and having every piece of information about them at your figure tips – no filing and no lost phone numbers. Everyone in your office or in the field could have the ability to access your prospects, clients, estimates, purchase orders and more remotely by simply signing on to your wireless laptop. Contractors Software Group can help you get there.

“The great thing about doing something to improve your business today is that you will be better prepared and a step ahead of your competitors who did nothing,” Knutson said.

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