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News Results: TIW Technology, Inc.

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ALERE® Accounting v7.0, Definitely Not a “Run of the Mill” Solution 6/20/2011
Easton, PA – (June, 2011) – TIW Technology, is pleased to announce the release of ALERE® Accounting v7.0 as the latest addition to the ALERE Business Applications family of products. ALERE Accounting v7.0 represents a major advance in accounting solution development. Three high profile features have...

ALERE™ Accounting Version 4.1 The accounting software of the future, available now! 8/17/2005
Easton, PA – (August 2005) - TIW proudly introduces ALERE™ v4.1, the latest release of the ALERE Accounting system. Enhancements to this latest version of ALERE Accounting include the following features. Data Browser – The cornerstone of ALERE v4.1 is the groundbreaking new Data Browser, which pr...

Client Server or LAN? Have It Your Way With ALERE Accounting Version 4.0 10/14/2004
TIW proudly introduces ALERE v4.0. This latest version of ALERE Accounting is a true Client Server (CS) package that runs on the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 platform. Now you can get the security of SQL tables and the product speed that is necessary to support companies with large numbers of users and...

Manufacturing Software and Accounting Software Developers Announce Joint Marketing Relationship 8/6/2004
TIW and AccountMate Create Joint Marketing Pact Easton, PA - (August 4, 2004) – TIW Technology, the developer of the WorkShop® 32 and shopLink manufacturing solutions, and AccountMate Software Corporation, a provider of accounting software, announced today that they have joined in a marketing pac...

ALERE Elite Provides a Whole New Way To Build Business For Your Company 7/7/2004
TIW proudly announces ALERE Elite. ALERE Elite is an innovative and comprehensive suite of products and services designed to enhance your company’s operation and growth. ALERE Elite is available in three different configurations. These configurations consist of standard ALERE Elite, ALERE SQL El...

Designed for small to mid-sized companies, ALERE™ Accounting is an affordable modular solution packed with such features as: 4/23/2004
ALERE Accounting offers first-rate performance without breaking the budget. Easton, PA - (April 23, 2004) – TIW announces the release of ALERE· Accounting v3.3. The ALERE package is composed of the following six modules: Manager, Sales, Purchases, Inventory, General Ledger and Order Configurator....

ALERE Accounting and WorkShop 32 Factory Management Software. A single source modular ERP solution from TIW Technology, Inc 4/16/2004
TIW provides a single-source ERP solution ideal for mid-sized manufacturers. Easton, PA - (April 16, 2004) – TIW offers a powerful single-source ERP solution in ALERE™ and WorkShop® Elite. ALERE and WorkShop Elite enjoys a tightly integrated underlying architecture that assures seamless function...

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