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How to Set Up a New Company’s Payroll in 4 Steps 11/26/2013
By Stefan Schumacher, Editor of The Payroll Blog  If you’re advising someone starting a new business, you’ll want to make sure they get off on the right foot in regard to payroll. If they can’t pay their ...

Go Paperless Today 11/19/2013
By Stefan Schumacher, Editor of The Payroll Blog  Filing cabinets, manila folders, important documents stacked up on your desk? If this is still the way you or your clients are handling payroll, it’s time...

Payroll for Startups 11/12/2013
By Steve Kania Startups often operate with a much looser culture than mid-sized small businesses or big corporations. They wear shorts and baseball caps to work, sit on beanbag chairs and Is Your Data Secure? 10/29/2013
By Steve Kania In today’s world of e-commerce and cloud computing, data security has become a major issue for business owners. From a 5 Reasons to Outsource Payroll 10/22/2013
By Steve KaniaPayroll technology has become so easy to use at this point that doing it the old fashioned way (i.e., doing it yourself) seems almost like listening to music on cassette or having a car phone. Nanny Payroll 10/15/2013
By Steve KaniaOne of the growing areas of payroll we see at SurePayroll is for nannies. You may not think you need a payroll provider just because you have ...

FMLA Regulations: Did You Know? 10/7/2013
By Steve Kania Life is full of surprises. Some of them are joyful (birth of a child), others are...

Take Online Payroll on the Road 9/30/2013
By Steve Kania Ever been stuck at the office late running payroll? It’s a lonely feeling isn’t i...

Take Child Labor Laws Seriously 9/23/2013
By Steve Kania Many of your clients may employ family members in their small businesses. This ma...

How Much Should Payroll Cost? 9/16/2013
By Steve KaniaIf you’re an accountant, bookkeeper or payroll professional using some type of payroll servi...

The Employer’s Responsibility as it Relates to the W-4 9/4/2013
By Steve Kania of SurePayroll Your clients may ask you what responsibility they have in verifyin...

Who is Exempt from the W-4? 8/28/2013
By Steve Kania of SurePayrollWhile we often think of taxes as having an all too predictable presence in our lives, there are actually some workers who are e...

Breaking Down the W-4 8/21/2013
By Steve Kania of SurePayroll The Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate ( Record Retention Matters 8/17/2013
By Steve Kania of SurePayroll There is a large amount of documentation related to payroll that must be kep...

What’s in a Workweek? 8/7/2013
By Steve Kania, Vice President of Product Management, SurePayrollAs we continue our discussion on
Determining Overtime: Regular Rate of Pay 7/31/2013
By Steve Kania, Vice President of Product Management, SurePayrollThe first thing to know about the regular rate of...

Pay Up, It’s Overtime 7/31/2013
By Steve Kania, Vice President of Product Management, SurePayrollThe federal overtime premium is 50 percent for no...

Overtime Overview 7/25/2013
By Steve Kania, Vice President of Product Management, SurePayrollPaying overtime is another one of those essential...

Simplify and Organize 7/3/2013
By Steve Kania However your clients choose to handle payroll, it’s important that the process is simple and organized. It shouldn’t take too much time or cause too much stress. Yet there seems to be a lot to keep track of: • Tracking employee time and Embrace Payroll Technology 6/26/2013
By Steve KaniaMany small businesses are still doing payroll themselves. As we embrace technology and mobility for more and more of our tasks, why leave something as important as payroll to << Prev 2 of 13 Next >>

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