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FlexiFinancials Suite

By Flexi Software

Current Version: 5.6
Product Description  


FlexiFinancials, developed by Flexi Software, is a full suite of accounting and process-driven workflow software solutions for companies in several industries including Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services. The FlexiFinancials suite consists of a cohesive set of financial accounting modules that can operate independently or seamlessly integrate with third-party applications.

The FlexiFinancials suite is easily scalable to meet the unique requirements of global enterprise organizations requiring multi-currency and multi-company capabilities.

Flexible and powerful business rules-driven modules allow companies to easily configure FlexiFinancials to meet their business requirements — nothing is hard-coded. Automated batch processing or real-time processing options put companies in control of how they want to process their data. Easily attach spreadsheets, documents, or notes to any transaction for supporting details.

The FlexiFinancials suite has several security controls and auditing capabilities to help companies deal with the increasing amount of regulation and compliance burdens in today’s business world.

The FlexiFinancials suite consists of the following financial accounting modules:
Flexi Financial Report Writer

FlexiLedger is the core repository of financial transactions that are used to provide powerful analysis and financial reporting. FlexiLedger provides the flexibility, security, and controls that companies have grown to expect with demanding regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, FASB52, IFRS, and GAAP.

FlexiLedger is a rules-driven system that offers a great deal of flexibility including unlimited companies, inter-company relationships, currencies, calendars, allocations, journals, and balances such as actuals, budgets, statistics, forecast, average daily balances, and unlimited reporting structures. A flexible chart of account structure provides the ability to define how you want to capture your financial information.

FlexiLedger allows you to operate and report on your organization as business needs dictate. You can run your financial statements daily, weekly, monthly, and close your books within hours after the period-end with full audit trails and drill-down capabilities into subsidiary ledgers. Flexi’s applications were built from the ground up using Microsoft Visual C++, which provides superior performance and processing efficiency. Flexi natively supports multiple databases, including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, and runs on Windows and UNIX operating systems and multiple hardware platforms. This versatility offers numerous deployment options and the highest level of scalability.

FlexiPayables is the accounts payable module available within the FlexiFinancials suite. It works with FlexiLedger, FlexiAssets, FlexiReceivables, FlexiPurchasing, and FlexiProjects, providing real-time or batch updating – you decide. A single point of entry automatically updates everything and provides full drill-down capabilities to view all of the details.

FlexiPayables provides the controls and flexibility that companies desire in managing their payables such as cash flow, expenses, and vendors. Simply track and report on 1099s, and multiple tax types (Use Tax, VAT, GST, and PST). FlexiPayables also provides the ability to set up automated accruals, multiple bank accounts, multiple payment methods, and multi-vendor buy-to and bill-to locations. User-defined aging brackets allow you to produce aging reports instantly with different aging.

Flexi’s applications were built from the ground up using Microsoft Visual C++, which provides superior performance and processing efficiency. Flexi natively supports multiple databases, including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, and runs on Windows and UNIX operating systems and multiple hardware platforms. This versatility offers numerous deployment options and the highest level of scalability.

FlexiPurchasing is the Purchase Order module available within the FlexiFinancials suite. It allows you to easily track and streamline the purchasing process from requisition to request for proposals, purchase orders, and receipts. You can also analyze the Request for Quotes to determine best pricing and automatically generate purchase orders. Expediting capabilities allow you to easily track deliveries and evaluate vendor performance. FlexiPurchasing also enables you to create blanket purchase orders and track revisions with full auditing capabilities.

FlexiReceivables provides the ability for companies to easily manage and track their receivables including invoices, cash receipts, credit, and collections. Flexible cash receipt processing offers the ability to process lock box transactions and apply cash receipts at an invoice level, line-item level, or to apply a partial payment. Rules can be set up to allow automatic write-offs of small balances, saving you valuable time.

National account capabilities within FlexiReceivables allow you to easily track and manage organizations with multiple bill-to and ship-to locations. User-defined rules make it simple to decide what information should be tracked and managed, including terms, taxes, commissions, tolerance levels, billing cycles, dunning notices, and more.

You can easily attach supporting documents such as Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, or any file that supports a transaction. The “sticky note” feature can also be used on any transaction and will include valuable audit information such as the date and time it was created or modified, as well as the user ID.

FlexiAssets is the Fixed Assets module available within the FlexiFinancials suite. It works seamlessly with FlexiLedger, FlexiPayables, FlexiPurchasing, and FlexiProjects.

FlexiAssets automates complex tasks such as calculating depreciations, and fully supports unlimited sets of books such as GAAP, state tax, and federal tax. Users can quickly and easily track detailed information about assets, including where they are located, acquisition date, in-service date, and asset lives. Easily attach supporting documentation such as contracts, receipts, cost, or any other digital information.

FlexiAssets allows you to transfer assets from different locations, departments, or companies. You can create lease amortization schedules and attach it to the leased asset. User-defined fields track additional information for each asset type, such as a VIN number on vehicles or a serial number on computer equipment.

When you purchase a new asset, information is captured in FlexiPurchasing or FlexiPayables and is automatically set up as an asset in the FlexiAssets module so you can be confident that all Fixed Assets are accounted for. The FlexiProjects module allows you to convert completed projects to assets in FlexiAssets.

FlexiProjects is the Capital Projects module within the FlexiFinancials suite. FlexiProjects provides the ability to easily manage, track, and analyze project cost, budgets, encumbrances, and status. User-definable project structures determine the level of tracking on each project such as the phase, tasks, or other user-defined groupings. FlexiProjects tracks key dates on each project and sub-project.

Project expenses and capital expenditures are tracked separately, providing a true picture of the types of expenses. When a project is completed it can easily be transferred to FlexiAssets based on the capital expenditure balances.

FlexiWorkflow delivers a simple way to define and to manage the routing of accounting documents through an approval process, and then store them for historical reference. FlexiWorkflow is based on Microsoft SharePoint technology.

• Drag-and-drop, visual designer
• Email- and browser-based approvals
• Bottleneck tracking
• Graphical workflow routes
• Performance matrix on approval times
• Automated reminders
• Out-of-office rerouting for approvals
• User-defined approval forms
• Flexible approval notifications methods (email, SMS)
• Attach supporting documents

eInvoice provides a simple interface to capture a payable item. It is an ideal interface for users who are accustomed to working with a full accounting package but need to communicate payable transactions for their business units. eInvoice allows you to record invoice and approvals based on receiving e-mail from a vendor, receiving an image from a scanner, entering data in a browser, or entering invoices in FlexiPayables.

• Browser-based invoice form
• Validation against FlexiPayables rules
• Invoice images
• Customizable views of historical data
• Electronic approvals

eT&E (electronic Travel & Expense) is an ideal way for moving towards a near paperless and automated capture of employee expenses while communicating and enforcing a company’s and account payables rules. It virtually eliminates the paper shuffle between the employee, remote office locations, and the central Accounts Payable department while providing full visibility of the process.

ePayment streamlines the payment approval process by extending the ability to approve payments to distributed approvers through a web browser or by email.
• Electronic workflow approval
• Web browser user interface
• User-defined grouping of payments
• Add special handling instructions to payments
• Flag payments to be expedited

FlexiImaging provides integration with various third-party imaging solutions including Jack Henry and Microsoft SharePoint. Images can be stored in the imaging applications and easily retrieved within any of the FlexiFinancials applications. For example, you can inquire on an invoice within FlexiPayables and retrieve a copy of the invoice image without leaving your desk or the Flexi application.

Flexi Financial Report Writer
Flexi Financial Report Writer is a browser-based, comprehensive financial reporting and analysis solution that streamlines the design, integration, and distribution of financial information. With Financial Report Writer, managers and decision-makers will spend less time managing complex spreadsheet clusters and verifying financial figures, and more time analyzing and making sound business decisions.

Design Reports – Flexible drag-and-drop design and reusable components make report creation quick and easy. No need to start with a blank sheet. Work and collaborate from anywhere using web access and shared centralized document design.

Manage Distribution – Automated report delivery makes monthly reporting easy. Simply decide who, what, and when. Packaging and bursting assures consistency. Control access with integrated LDAP security or application security groups.

Analyze Reports – Analyze reports all the way back to the transaction details, and create alerts using if/else statements. Let the data auditing and validation feature check your work. Export to Excel for additional analysis.

FlexiAnalysis is an ad-hoc inquiry and analysis tool that provides insight into your financial data. It allows you to visualize, slice, and drill down into large volumes of data within FlexiFinancials. By using “in-memory” and high compression technology, FlexiAnalysis allows you to model and analyze millions of transactions almost instantly.

• Create graphs and pivot tables with simple drag-and-drop functionality
• View data in an intuitive way through interactive charts and graphs
• Drill down into charts to find meaning behind the numbers
• Access reports remotely
• Mashup data from multiple data sources
• Compare data for more meaningful analysis

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) is not written by Accounting Software 411. Information is provided and maintained by the vendor Flexi Software and/or by third party sources. Accounting Software 411 confirms basic company data prior to posting a profile. The above information is not a review or endorsement by Accounting Software 411 of the product.

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