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By Made2Manage Systems, Inc.

Current Version: 5.52 
Product Description  


The Made2Manage Enterprise Business System


Made2Manage's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution provides a comprehensive back-office system complete with all necessary process features. Made2Manage incorporates all transactional features for broad functional areas along with integrated decision-support tools in one powerful business-management tool.

-Supports quotes, sales, inventory management, purchasing, production, shipping and receiving.
-Integrates production, finance, engineering, sales, HR and quality control measures.
-Coordinates the production and shipment of orders.
-Provides flexible reports for the specific information you need.

Made2Manage Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions streamline the entire production process. Forecasting, planning and scheduling applications provide enhanced predictability for enterprises.
-Builds accurate forecasts to drive production planning and material procurement.
-Provides customers with delivery information based on actual capacity and material constraints.Plans and schedules production to meet customer commitments.
-Connects to customers and suppliers.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions from Made2Manage help to automate sales force activities, and to track marketing initiatives as well as customer service activities.

-Tracks interaction with each prospect from initial inquiry to receipt of order.
-Gives individualized care to every customer throughout the life cycle of the relationship.
-Manages marketing initiatives and measure their returns.


M2MVIP is a Web application service that allows a manufacturer to manage the transactions between the enterprise and the entire sales channel. M2MVIP enables a manufacturer to be more responsive to their customers, while decreasing operational costs by streamlining order entry and order inquiry related processes.

-Enter requests for quotations and place orders for products and receive order confirmations.
-View your product catalog and check on inventory availability.
-Check on order status and planned ship dates.
-View customer account status.
-Exchange product specification documents and engineering drawings in secured binders.

Business intelligence (BI) services from Made2Manage help employees at all levels of the organization respond to potential business challenges. BI tools convert raw data into actionable knowledge and enable intelligent decision-making in support of company objectives.

-Delivers the right information in the right form at the right time to the right people.
-Provides drill-down capabilities to move quickly from summary information straight to underlying transactions and documents.
-Places key performance indicators on executives? desktops for quick reaction to changing business conditions.

M2MEXPERT is designed to provide Made2Manage customers with access to the information, tools and services needed to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.
-Obtain web-based product support.
-Register for virtual, online or traditional classroom education.
-Request software customizations quotes or inquire about status.
-Download implementation and continuous improvement tools to reduce time to value and maximize your investment.
-Access industry information, business resources, and employee development course online.

"With Made2Manage, we are pricing our products accurately, shipping them on time, and building them with the highest quality."
Tom Eden, Girtz Industries, plant manager

"The instant we get approval, all we have to do is push a button on the Made2Manage system to turn it into a sales order. We can be working on a job order instantly, because all the information is there."

Scott Carter, PhD, Secretary/Treasurer of Tek Pak

Partnership For Growth:

Made2Manage Systems provides software and services that enable manufacturers to achieve continuous business process improvements. Made2Manage Systems’ commitment to the manufacturing industry has helped make the company a leader in the small and midsize enterprise (SME) software space. Made2Manage Systems is a user-centric software company serving the unique market specifications of more than 30 manufacturing industries, including rubber and plastics, industrial and commercial machinery, fabricated metals, electronics, transportation, analytical and measuring equipment, furniture and fixtures, and durable goods.

If you're looking to improve operational efficiencies, customer satisfaction, and financial performance while managing growth, contact the business process improvement specialists at Made2Manage Systems.

Visit Made2Manage Systems on the Internet at

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