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ORION™ Enterprise

By 3i Infotech Inc.

Current Version: 10 
Product Description  


ORION Process ERP-
Going beyond an Affordable, Full-featured ERP Solution for Process Manufacturing.

The ORION Enterprise for Process Manufacturing is a comprehensive, affordable, full-featured ERP solution for the industries such as food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, and biotechnology.

In process manufacturing, the challenges are complex and constant. Process manufacturing talks about ingredients, not parts; formulas, not bill of materials; and bulk, not units. You may think that we are simply mincing words and terminology. But, there is more than a subtle difference in their impact on manufacturing. Successful manufacturers are effectively and efficiently leveraging technology to respond to these challenges and to satisfy current demands while anticipating future requirements.

What we can do for you?

At 3i Infotech, we understand the unique requirements of process manufacturers and how to use software technology to meet these challenges. ORION Enterprise enables our customers to increase their global competitiveness and respond to market conditions and constraints, while decreasing the cost of running their businesses.

Our solution facilitates business management by providing:
•Ease of formula creation and maintenance
•Scalability of formulas based on available inventory levels
•Accurate and timely forecasts of customer demands
•Visibility to real-time, enterprise-wide data throughout the supply chain
•Optimized inventory management and warehouse slotting
•Tank storage management
•Compliance with regulated guidelines and programs
•Quality control and lot tracking defined by users and customers
•Price, promotional spending, deal discounting, and rebates management
•Web-enabled activities to increase product awareness

To be profitable in industries that need to turn on a dime, you need software that is equally responsive and immediate. You need ORION Enterprise.

Read about some of the many interesting features of ORION Process ERP:

?Production Support and Planning
?Quality Control (QC)
?Lot Tracking
?Sales and Marketing
?Inventory Control Management

While satisfying the requirements highlighted above, ORION Enterprise for Process Manufacturing also includes components to satisfy the needs of:

?Accounting and Financial Reporting
?Order Entry and Customer Service
?Extensive Back Office Support for Administration and Logistics
?Supply Chain Management

In addition to being feature-rich and functionally-complete, 3i Infotech passes on the savings of off-shore development centers to its customer in an ERP offering priced well below the competition. Additionally, we offer a remote implementation model that has been proven to be successful and saves our customers time and money. Finally, included in the price of the software are four world-class implementation tools that allow you make changes to menus, workflows, and screens and migrate your legacy data into Orion Enterprise - all without requiring technical expertise or changes to the foundation code.

Our software solution is suited for all sizes of businesses ranging from the small, single location business to the medium-size business with multi-location, multi-division operations with numerous production lines and product mixes. You now have the power and technology to effectively and efficiently manage your business today and grow it in the future.

In Process Manufacturing, you have enough challenges. Why not look to software designed specifically to meet these challenges. Look to 3i Infotech’s ORION Enterprise for Process Manufacturing.

Production Support and Planning

ORION™ Enterprise for Process Manufacturing enables you to respond to unique production requirements, improve manufacturing productivity, and streamline operations, thereby helping you achieve more with less.


•Extensive tools for formula construction, control, and management.
•Copy existing formula and substitute ingredients and/or proportions to create new formula.
•Create nested or conjoined formulas.
•Scalability of formula when production order is created.
•Extensive UOM conversion engine.
•Visibility to and consideration of expiration dates.
•Resource routing integrated with formulization and elapse time to complete.
•Separation of formula and pack recipes.
•Private label, “brite” stock manufacturing.
•Material Requirements (MRP).
•Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP).
•Demand forecasting, advanced planning, and advanced scheduling.

•Enables easy formula construction and maintenance through point’ n’ click selection of ingredients, suggested substitution when needed, and assignment of proportions.
•Facilitates rapid creation of a new formula from existing formula and making modifications as needed; resulting formula can be temporary, permanent, or used to develop sales quotes.
•Eliminates the need for creating additional formulas when existing, multiple formulas can suffice. For example, nest the formula to make peas with the formula to make carrots, to temporarily create an additional formula to make peas and carrots by identifying the common step where the two processes can be conjoined.
•Allows for the production of finished goods based on: (1) special customer requirements or (2) ingredients on hand, thereby satisfying customer demands when less than all required raw materials are available.
•Converts automatically multiple, standard UOM’s specified in formulas and/or allows for the definition of user-defined conversion routines through simple, rules-based logic.
•Ensures that the right ingredients and products are issued at the right time.
•Enables designation as to when and much of an ingredient is to be introduced into the production process to ensure that active agents are properly scheduled or to allow sufficient time for resources (i.e. blending, grinding, mixing) to complete their cycles and achieve the desired effect.
•Facilitates adding new packaging types, which are very common events, without having to change the formula, which is a very infrequent event, resulting in reduced formula maintenance and the possibly formulation errors.
•Permits releasing production orders for make-to-stock and later issuing pack orders upon receipt of fir m customer orders for labeling and final packaging.
•Generates material requirements based on available production orders and suggests purchase orders in case of shortages.
•Using results of MRP, available resources, and customer demand, suggests resource scheduling to best meet requested delivery dates.
•Provides complete visibility of supply chain by collaborating with customers to forecast demand, identifying the best manufacturing alternatives, and optimally scheduling internal resources.

Quality Control (QC)
ORION™ Enterprise for Process Manufacturing enables you to meet customer-defined requirements and tolerances, comply with externally regulated guidelines, and track what products and their composition are shipped to your customers.

•User-defined QC tests for vendor supplied material.
•Qualitative and quantitative QC tests for finished goods.
•Extensive ingredient and finished goods tracking and reporting.

•Enables establishment of vendor-specific QC tests with acceptable tolerance ranges and places failed material in a quarantine status for resolution or return to vendor.
•Enables establishment of product-specific tests conforming to internal or externally regulated standards and places failed products in an un-pickable status for resolution, retesting, or scrap.
•Facilitates product recalls and compliance with the USDA and FDA regulated guidelines and programs such as the Bioterrorism Act and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Lot Tracking
ORION™ Enterprise for Process Manufacturing enables you to customize how you want to track ingredients and products to better meet the requirements of your business and customers.

•User-defined lot characteristics.
•Detailed visibility throughout the entire supply chain starting with vendor materials and into customer’s destination.
•Comparison of lot characteristic and specifications with customer requirements.

•Supports tracking in terms that are meaningful and expected in your industry and to your customers.
•For lubricants, characteristics could include viscosity and density; for meats, grade and cut; for textiles, color and shade.
•Reduces the exposure of a product recall so that least number of lots and, therefore, customers are affected.
•Permits automatic matching of lot attributes of available inventory with a customer’s specifications.

Sales and Marketing

ORION Enterprise for Process Manufacturing enables you to manage the sales and marketing functions effectively and efficiently through handling promotions, pricing decisions, and building production plans based on customer feedback, thereby assisting to react quickly to market conditions.


•Creation of customers with multiple bill-to addresses and multiple ship-to addresses.
•Pricing based on a single customer or a range of customers; a single location or a range of locations; or combination.
•Web-based ordering for frequent and preferred items.
•Repeat customer templates.
•Catch-weight functionality and support for food industry.


•Facilitates selling to multi-location chains that do centralized purchasing.
•Permits tailoring pricing strategies by customer and/or location to gain market share or penetrate new markets with multi-tier pricing, volume discounts, regional discounts, sales territory discounts, percent off, and rebates.
•Provides ordering for your customers from the convenience of their desktops. Designates order templates by customer for repeat orders or to ensure standard products are not overlooked.
•Conforms to industry standards for pricing and costing.

Inventory Control Management

ORION Enterprise for Process Manufacturing provides you with the facilities to manage, pick, and control your inventory in the ways most conducive to how you do business and optimize results.


•Multiple picking strategies (FIFO, LIFO, FEFO) with additional strategies definable through easy-to-use “pick and click” menus.
•Dimensions and specifications maintained with items.
•Physical and cycle inventory counting with optional use of RF technology. Multiple locations for same item.
•Separate units of measure (UOM) for stock keeping and stock issuing.
•Built in triggers and alerts, suggested inventory movements, and stock consolidations.


•Enables enforcement of picking strategies that can be tailored to ingredients or finished goods and their unique handling requirements.
•Allows intelligent slotting of material by matching item and location dimensions or consideration of special factors such as temperature and pressure controls.
•Facilitates the taking of a complete physical inventory or cyclical counting through the use of ABC codes, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to decrease time and increase accuracy. Maximizes the use of warehouse space.
•Permits you buy and store in bulk and issue in EA’s.
•Better inventory management resulting in r

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