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Aboard Software

About the Company

Aboard Software
A developer of business management software designed for the manufacturing industry.
Aboard Software created the first robotic Active ERP (aERP) based on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms applied to the best ERP suite available today in the market, and product of our 40+ years of experience in developing and installing ERP software.
Our Active ERP suite comes with Robotic Users, and an Artificial Intelligence robotic module that uses the ERP functions to actually get the work done, rather than relying on human users to handle the operation of the company.
aERP is the next generation of business software, the robotic generation. Our Active ERP software will actually do the work, not you and your human users. Our robotic software will work on its own initiative and without being asked. It knows what needs to be done and when.
Our aERP software adds robotic team members to your Company, it is not just sophisticated electronic paper in the form of ERP screens, like the traditional ERP suites.
Active ERP is not about what fields are stored and what calculations are made by the software, it is about what the robotic extra members of your team, added by the software, do.
Will your next ERP software think? Will it act on its own? Will it come to you for consultation as instructed?
Our Active ERP does.
And it learns as it does your work. Our robots come fully trained, but keep learning while they operate your business optimally.
They learn from the day-to-day activity of your company, understanding the correlations between the myriad of small details in your operations, and optimizing efficiency in a way that, well… only intelligent and trained robots can.
Product Lines

• Active ERP
The newest technology, a mid-size Active ERP Software Suite that comes with robotic Artificial Intelligence users.

• Visual Ledger
A full ERP system designed by Aboard Software specifically for manufacturing and distribution/wholesale trade companies

• Small Business Consolidator
A full ERP system designed by Aboard Software specifically for manufacturing and distribution/wholesale trade companies

• Enterprise Integrator
A full ERP system designed by Aboard Software specifically for manufacturing and distribution/wholesale trade companies


Contact Information
Company Address: 4440 SW Archr Rd.
Gainesville, FL 32608
Country: United States
Company Phone: 866 564 1344
Sales Phone:  866 564 1344
Customer Support Phone: 866 564 1344
Company Fax:
Company Web Page:
Company email:
Company Background
Business Since: 1974
No. of Employees: 31-100
Entity Type: Privately Owned
Awards, Recognitions and Certifications
Additional Information
At Aboard Software we provide a comprehensive approach to your Business Automation, bringing to your Company very experienced business consultants, real experts in business software, with many years of experience. Our team is not a team of software developers or software experts, it is a team of Business Automation experts, and that makes a huge difference in the results you can expect from the deployment of your new software.

After almost 40 years of working as a High Precision, High Performance Software Development Boutique, Aboard Software has been able to tailor the most comprehensive and powerful Business Software Suite in the market today, that fits all of your basic corporate needs out of the box, and that is easily extensible for those atypical very special and very specific needs that you might have.

We know that as a Business Executive you face a key decision when you acquire your Company’s new software solution, a decision that can effectively empower you and your team with ability to deliver on your main goals of growth with full control and maximum efficiency, to keep your costs down while keeping your profits up. It is a “must succeed decision”.

Because of this, you and the other key executives at your organization that are directly involved in making this “must succeed decision” have to be backed up by heavily experienced Business Software consultants, during the entire deployment process and continuing into the initial period of the operations of your solution after going live. This cannot be left solely to technology-centered analysts. It must be a collaborative effort between your team and our Business Automation experts.

We have been successfully deploying Business Software Solutions since 1974, we know how to make you succeed, and most importantly, we know how to make you succeed fast and painlessly. Our implementations are the fastest and most successful in the Business Software Industry, simply because we have developed software tools to handle the implementation itself.

And now from our Web site you can even try our deployment tools, assisted or on your own, and for free in either case. They will allow you to put your own data into a database that you can then use for trying our software, in our online servers or in your own computers. In just a few hours.

And while you are at it, take the opportunity to ask us for our expert opinion on your special business needs. It is still free, and it will put at your service expert consultants with tens of years of experience. How could you go wrong?

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Software Name Classification
Visual Ledger Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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) is not written by Accounting Software 411. Information is provided and maintained by the vendor Aboard Software and/or by third party sources. Accounting Software 411 confirms basic company data prior to posting a profile. The above information is not a review or endorsement by Accounting Software 411 of the product.

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