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FreeBalance Inc.

About the Company

FreeBalance is a global provider of software solutions for public financial management (PFM). PFM is an essential part of the international development process. FreeBalance solutions support government modernization, fiscal decentralization, and public finance reform.

FreeBalance software manages over $US 100 Billion in annual government budgets worldwide, affecting more than 700,000 civil servants and supports more than 30,000 government users.

FreeBalance has deep understanding of government finance challenges in different country contexts.

FreeBalance® Accountability Suite is optimized for government. Government optimization enables flexible implementations sequenced to the unique circumstances of each country. The software can be scaled down to basic capability configuration for fast initial implementation and then gradually scaled up by progressive activation of features and functionality at the recipient government’s own pace.

The FreeBalance software solutions support the entire budget management cycle across all levels of government and improve fiscal transparency, accountability, and governance.

Why FreeBalance?

In contrast to traditional financial software that was originally developed for the private sector and now customized for the public sector, FreeBalance offers specialized, compact, easily sustainable software that was designed for government exclusively. Our software solutions offer:

1) Proven Technology - FreeBalance technology is a proven, robust system that has been successfully deployed in the world, even under the most difficult circumstances in post-conflict reconstruction. FreeBalance software has been the dominant financial management system across the Canadian federal government for more than 15 years.

2) Programmed for Government - FreeBalance software is designed and optimized for public finance and international fiscal standards for government. FreeBalance solutions provide fiscal controls and government financial management rules built into the main code of the software. This means compact and stable software that can be configured quickly to unique country circumstances without any customization.

3) Progressive Activation - FreeBalance solutions can be scaled down to basic capability configuration for fast initial implementation and then gradually scaled up by recipient governments. Features and functionality are activated by selecting configuration options and adding budget controls over time. Progressive activation ensures post-implementation software sustainability, government self-reliance, and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), since changes are just selected and configured in the original software without any future customization costs.

FreeBalance at a Glance

Established- 1984
Headquarters - Ottawa, Canada
Satellite offices - Lima (Peru), London (Great Britain), Miami and Washington, DC (United States), Pristina (Kosovo), St. John (Antigua and Barbuda)
Focus- Government sector
Solutions - Public financial management
Software Category- Integrated Financial Management Information Systems (IFMIS)
Product- FreeBalance® Accountability Suite
Methodology - the FreeBalance Integrated, Iterative, Implementation and Quality Methodology (i3+qM) integrates implementation and development to fast-track deployments
Customers - over 100 central, regional and local government organizations worldwide, the leading vendor of public expenditure control systems to the Canadian federal government
Recognition - ranked as one of Canada's Top 100 Software Companies
Funding - leading venture capital firms in Canada


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FreeBalance Government Accountability Solutions Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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