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About the Company

KwikSYSTEMS(tm) ASSOCIATES is a developer and marketer of business management software for the retail, service and repair market. Our software features sales counter/desk and checkout counter POS, integrated accounting, customer contact and to-do, job cost, purchasing, inventory, payroll management. Both modularized (multiple integrated applications) for larger companies and a single application versions are available. We can also modify our "standard" versions to fit a Customer's special needs very quickl and economically.


Contact Information
Company Address: 2326 West 45th Street
Davenport, IA 52806
Country: United States
Company Phone: 563-388-9483
Sales Phone:  563-388-9483
Customer Support Phone: 563-388-9483
Company Fax: 563-388-9483 Call First
Company Web Page:
Company email:
Company Background
Business Since: 1978
No. of Employees: <5
Entity Type: Corporation (S C LLC)
Awards, Recognitions and Certifications
Additional Information
KwikSALES(tm) balances functionality and ease-of-use by making sure you don't need to know how to do the advanced "teaching" of the systems features in the beginning just to do the basics. Actually, in most cases, the teaching is "automatically" performed as you use the application since the screens are so "intuitive/informative".

Another important fact is that while while KwikSALES(tm) is highly "teachable" for being used the way you want to use it, KwikSALES(tm) works great right from the beginning. Also, as time marches on and your business conditions change, your application "automatically" changes right along with those business conditions just by using the application.

Another important factor is, KwikSALES(tm) has had the same team of developers working on the software since the beginning, resulting in a remarkable consistency throughout the program. As a result, when you learn something in one part of the system, it is directly useable in other parts of the system.

All this adds up to an effective balance of powerful features, flexibility, and ease-of-use.

But if you do need a little extra help, KwikSALES(tm) comes with both free email and telephone tech support (you originate the email or the phone call) and you can actually get through to a person (a rarity today), and in the age of the 'shrinking manual', KwikSALES(tm) includes an excellent 200+- page printable user manual in eBook format, plus the exact same manual is viewable as the user's on-line help. Also, available at no additional charge, are KwikSALES(tm) videos on the CD which contain video show-and-tell. The "main" one is downloadable from our web page.

Our Application Structure And It's Explanation

Our tightly integrated system of applications allow for and "lead" a business in the process of doing business in a standard generally accepted way.

This is a good thing because the system will "guide" everyone involved in the business into "doing business" in the same generally accepted way. This generally accepted "way" is primarily determined by management during the system "teaching" process.

Therefore using our system will go a long way towards eliminating misunderstanding and confusion amongst every one "touched" by your business.

Ever heard of the term "Generally Accepted Accounting Practices"?? The "record structures" for doing it were developed for a good reason. That reason is to provide standardization and promote understanding.

Our application does just that for your business AUTOMATICALLY during and after "training". Those structures can be "trained" and then used in virtually unlimited ways.

At a minimum, all you need to do is begin by entering customers and items to sell as AS YOU SELL THEM and the system remembers them for the next time they are needed.

No complicated "setup" is required. Just use and manage the inventory and the sales form processes from then on with the system. The rest of the managing according to the system structure is handled automatically in the background by the system. Of course, if you want to also manage and track the "rest of your business" in a structured way, our system allows you to do that too.

No expensive preprinted forms are needed. Reports are printed on plain paper. Your business logo can be included.

Many small businesses "do business off the top of their head" in a somewhat haphazard non-structured way. They then gather all of their "paperwork" in a box to have an Accounting Practitioner or Tax Consultant or CPA "standardize" everything for them at the end of the period/month.

Our applications can change all that for you and allow you to manage better and also save you money in the process.

The system can easily be "taught to fit" lots of different business niches including your business in particular by "teaching" the system using your terminology. The "teaching" is automatically done "within the structure". From then on, the system will handle the "standardization" of and for the business AUTOMATICALLY.

That's what computers are best at doing and also the thing EVERY business needs to do. It's a perfect match.

Our primary focus has been in the "service" business niche such as auto repair, lawn and garden, motorcycle shops, computer builders, small engine service and repair businesses, etc...

However, a great many other kinds of businesses ALSO need to use Point-Of-Sale (POS) "techniques" in their business. They need business practices/standards that allow the use of a full fledged printed "Sales Form" report (Invoice, Sales Order etc...) instead of a "cash register" style "receipt" to manage the front end (Sales Counter - POS) of their businesses.

All of the business information generated by the system's database must be also be able to be captured, used and managed "real time" at "the back office" by Management or even by other people elsewhere inside or outside of the business. This is also done AUTOMATICALLY with our system since it is networkable.

Outlined below within it's structure are many of the generally accepted (common) business practices, procedures and methods our systems provide:

Please notice that OUR structure outline begins with the Sales Management functions of the business and NOT the "back office" functions of the business. Why??? Because if there are no sales, nothing else matters. Yes, we have integrated accounting but it is a function that is only needed AFTER a sale is made.

Sales Management
Sales Forms
(one time "demand" forms transformable without retyping)
Layback (layaway - rental)
Pick List (parts or merchandise)
Work Order (Delivery Order)
Order (Sales Order)

(multiple invoices and purchase orders
against one "Job")
Work Orders

Inventory Management
Stocked (Tracked Inventory)
Ordered For Immediate Sale
Phantom Inventory (Labor)

Purchase Orders
Immediate Sale
Proposal Jobs

General Ledger
Trial Balance
Profit And Loss
Income Statement
Account Review

Accounts Receivable (with/without accounting)
Open Sales Forms/Layback/Rental
Open Sales Form Lists
Open Sales Form Statements
Open Sales Form Revenue Reconciliation
Finance Charges

Accounts Payable
Cash Forecasting For Payment
Bill Selection For Checks

Sales Marketing
Mailing Labels
Customer Lists

Time Management
To Do
Reminder Calendar
Resource Scheduling
(Service Bays, Rooms, Equipment etc...)

Employee Management

Bill Paying

100's of reports are possible using "report setup dialog boxes".

Typical Standard Hardware configuration for KwikSALES#TM Business Manager Software.

Service Shop Retail and Service point of sale hardware - can be set up in different hardware sets depending on your needs. The simplest and most common one, if you are setting up strictly for business use, is shown in the diagram below.

Our staff at KwikSYSTEMSTM Associates can design a hardware system that will work well for your special needs. All of our systems are designed to be network enabled if required.

Barcode scanners - Hand held bar code scanners are easily connected to the system using what is known as a key board wedge adapter. It simply connects the scanner between your keyboard and computer. Some scanners come with a wedge adapter and others require a separate wedge adapter. Be sure to check for the type of connector needed for your particular setup.

Receipt Printers - Receipt printers must be checked for compatibility to the program being used. Call for details or read the help menu for specifications. Receipt printers are connected to the parallel port or to a serial (COM) port depending on the system. Most of our systems are not used with a receipt printer and the cash drawer is hooked to the serial (COM) port.

Standard Printers - Standard printers of a variety of formats can be used. Laser printers work well for volume reports such as sales, accounting reports and also for demand reports such as work orders and invoices and are the lowest cost to operate. All standard printers must be connected to a parallel port with their appropriate driver installed.

Cash drawers for POS systems - If your cash drawer is connected directly to your receipt printer, when a receipt is printed the cash drawer opens. If your cash drawer is connected to a serial (COM) port when a payment is taken in the Sales Form, the cash drawer opens.
Computer - a standard computer can be used with the following specifications or newer.

533 MHz CPU (Higher speeds recommended)
64 MB Ram (128 MB Ram recommended)
2 GB Hard Drive
56 K Fax Modem (For inventory ordering and report sending)
Ethernet Network Card
(On Network for multiple users)
(Peer-to-Peer for small networks)
Keyboard, Mouse and 17 Inch (minimum)
Monitor (using 1152 x 864 resolution recommended).
Internal Zip Drive and/or internal CD-R
(For Back-Up of your system and data)
2-4 Printer Ports (one for each printer)
Laser Or BubbleJet Printer ( For standard reports)
Laser or BubbleJet or tractor feed dot matrix Printer
(For Labels)

Receipt Printer (For Small Receipts - POS systems)
Additional Software Requirements- Operating System

KwikSYSTEMS(tm) Associates software will operate on Windows NT 4.0 service pack 6a or newer and can be used for a multiple operator network. With Windows NT 4.0 service pack 6a or newer, Windows 2000, XP, KwikSYSTEMS(tm) Associates software will not hang or get stuck with proper use.

KwikSYSTEMS(tm) Associates software will be reliable with premium power (UPS installed) that will out perform our competitors. We recommend WinFax Pro 10.0 or Cheyenne Bitware for Faxing or we can add our own faxing utilities for an extra charge. See the separate help screen about special printer drivers from the help menu.

** Windows, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation**

Copyright (c) 1990-2010 KwikSYSTEMS(tm) Associates

Software List
Software Name Classification
KwikSALES(tm) PLATINUM Point of Sale
KwikWAREHOUSE(tm) MANAGER Sales Distribution

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) is not written by Accounting Software 411. Information is provided and maintained by the vendor KwikSYSTEMS(tm) ASSOCIATES and/or by third party sources. Accounting Software 411 confirms basic company data prior to posting a profile. The above information is not a review or endorsement by Accounting Software 411 of the product.

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