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Date Posted: 6/30/2009

Universal Accounting® Tax Tip: Save On 2009 Taxes By Meeting With Tax Preparer Now To Ensure Proper Control Of Your Tax Burden

Mid-Year Meeting Allows for Lifestyle & Law Changes & Leads to Tax Savings
Salt Lake City, June 30, 2009 — Universal Accounting®, the nation’s largest training center for accounting and tax preparation with its Profit Expert™ Programs, recommends individuals and small businesses meet semi-annually with a tax preparer to adjust for lifestyle and tax law changes, ensuring maximum 2009 tax savings.

“Universal Accounting has found that many people and small businesses wait until the end of the year to evaluate their tax situation – often times it’s too late to make any necessary changes,” said Allen Bostrom, CPA, Universal Accounting CEO, and author of popular business books In the Black, Nine Principles to Make Your Business More Profitable, and Red to Black in 30 Days. “Frequently an individual or business can save thousands of tax dollars by working closely with a well-trained and experienced tax preparer, so it’s well worth the effort now to ensure you’re on the right track, with half the year remaining to make adjustments. Often, the earlier a person checks with his or her tax advisor, the more potential for bigger savings.”

Key reasons for a mid-year review with a tax preparer:

1. Review withholding schedule given past and future life plans (including W-2 employees who are also self-employed). A variety of changes such as the birth of a new child, tax law, residence, can greatly impact withholdings;

2. Look to take advantage of tax law changes, such as new home purchase credits and any additional tax-saving strategies;

3. Review any anticipated changes such as job or residence change, college costs, etc. and how these may impact a tax payer’s position; and

4. Review to ensure adequate record-keeping is being maintained.

Universal Accounting released its new and improved Professional Tax Preparer Program in 2009, which provides the latest complete training and support materials to individuals wanting to provide professional tax preparation services to individuals and small businesses with confidence. More than 2,500 students have made progress toward or have earned their Professional Tax Preparer designation from Universal Accounting. More information about the Professional Tax Preparer program can be found at

To learn more about Universal Accounting’s products and services, visit

About Universal Accounting

Celebrating its 30th year in business, Universal Accounting specializes in helping people become Profit Experts™ for their organizations through its accounting-based products and services. The company creates powerful training materials for those involved in accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation. Universal Accounting flagship products include its Professional Bookkeeper Program, Professional Tax Preparer Program, and Quickbooks setup and support programs. Universal Accounting offers seminars, interactive tutorial software, training guides and booklets, as well as personal coaching and even pre-packaged marketing programs to help its students be successful. Universal Accounting students are provided proven and achievable business models that allow them to make money, diversify their income and obtain financial security by starting their own business, or making their company more profitable. Universal Accounting founder and CEO Allen Bostrom is the author of two popular business books, In the Black, Nine Principles to Make Your Business Profitable, and Red to Black in 30 Days, and is a popular speaker at a variety of industry and business events.


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