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Ei Dynamics Sky

Date Posted: 9/24/2013

Cloudwalk Provide Quickbooks Hosting for CPAs

Quickbooks Online Support by Cloudwalk Hosting Solution
The question of “Which is right for me?” comes up when people are looking at, or comparing QuickBooks Online with QuickBooks hosting. The fact of the matter is, although QuickBooks Online is consistently adding features and capabilities that bring it closer to the desktop version, there are still many reasons to stick with the desktop version you know. If you’re looking to access your QuickBooks remotely, or give multiple people the ability to access the same data files regardless of geographical location, then hosting your QuickBooks is the route you probably want to take. Though there are benefits to both, the question comes down to what capabilities you need and what your plans for the future are.
First, the pros of QuickBooks Online. It’s great for small businesses or individuals with income producing hobbies. It’s fast to set up and get working with. Intuit has also recently added many features that make QuickBooks Online competitive with their desktop versions. Mainly, the ability for multiple users to access it. Online now also has inventory tracking, purchase order sending, analytical tools and it integrates better with Excel. In short, QuickBooks Online is going to be great for small businesses with basic bookkeeping and accounting needs. The decision to go with hosting comes up when an individual or business thinks that they will need additional features now or in the future, since the most advanced version of QuickBooks Online still barely competes with QuickBooks Pro.
When you move your desktop version of QuickBooks to the cloud via a hosting provider, you’re simply giving yourself the ability to access your currently owned software over the internet. Since it is your desktop version, you have the same interface and functionality that you are used to and familiar with. You also have the ability to use additional software that syncs with your QuickBooks for deposits, payments, scanning and more. This includes being able to integrate with popular applications like ACT! and Outlook. These are major selling points that the Online versions don’t offer.


Press Contact Info:
Jim North
Cloudwalk Hosting Solution
Phone: +18019214227

About Cloudwalk Hosting Solution
I am Jimnorth work in Cloudwalk Hosting Solution.


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