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Date Posted: 5/5/2014

Open Systems Enhances the TRAVERSE Advanced Warehouse Management Solution

Minneapolis MN- May 5, 2014 - Open Systems, Inc. announced that their TRAVERSE Advanced Warehouse Management Solution (AWMS) now has additional functionality for customers who need a warehouse management and accounting system with mobile device capabilities. “Along with a number of new features, users can now add a fourth level of inventory traceability with the addition of Zones,” said Adam Brister, Manager of Project Delivery Services for Open Systems. “Additionally, companies can perform group picks and consolidate picked items in the packing process.”

“With these new additions, AWMS brings our customers the powerful capabilities of TRAVERSE Warehouse Management, which ensures they can achieve consistent and prompt order fulfillment,” said Paul Lundquist, Vice President of Sales for Open Systems.

The TRAVERSE AWMS can be modified to use widely available and inexpensive off-the-shelf tablets and scanning equipment. “Unlike many mobile warehouse solutions, the AWMS doesn’t require expensive specialized mobile equipment,” said Brister. “With mounting brackets, tablets, and scanners, the total cost per mobile system can be far less than typical specialized scanner solutions. The feedback from customers has been very positive.”

Lundquist added that the AWMS improves efficiency in picking, packing, and shipping orders by streamlining day-to-day activities and maximizing the productivity of warehouse staff. “With added functionality and access to the growing selection, increasing quality, and falling prices of consumer tablets, customer warehouse systems can be more efficient and cost-effective,” said Lundquist.

Open Systems will be holding web demonstrations for the TRAVERSE AWMS on May 20 at 11:00 CT and June 11 at 2:00 CT. Those interested should call 952-403-5702 to sign up.
About Open Systems, Inc.

Open Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of powerful business, accounting, CRM, and mobile software solutions for organizations in many industries, including distribution, manufacturing, and not-for-profit. Open Systems celebrates more than 35 years of serving customers with cutting-edge technologies and adaptable business solutions. Products offered include Microsoft .NET- and SQL Server-based TRAVERSE for the Microsoft platform, and Java-based OSAS for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. For more information on Open Systems products, call 800-328-2276 or visit

Press Contact Info:
Carla Alarcon
Open Systems, Inc.
Phone: 952-403-5737

About Open Systems, Inc.
Carla Alarcon is the Marketing Director for Open Systems.


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