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Date Posted: 2/24/2004

Accounting Software 411 Web Portal Offers Free Service That Connects Customers with Resellers, Simplifying Product Selection

AS411 Makes It Easier for Companies to Find the Right Accounting Software for their Needs

Irvine, CA, Feb. 24, 2004 -- (AS411), a web portal dedicated to the accounting software industry, today officially announced the release of a free software search service that connects companies with resellers who are experienced in their application requirements, simplifying the process of choosing from among hundreds of available business accounting software solutions. For companies who want to find software applications on their own, AS411 also offers a custom search engine for both locating and comparing available packages based on user-defined criteria.

“Selecting accounting software can be a complicated and expensive process, especially considering that implementing an average accounting solution can cost as much as a purchasing a new car,” said Robert Virga, CEO of AS411. “Furthermore, businesses want to know that after spending that kind of money the solution that they pick is the best one for their business. This is where AS411 as an independent and honest broker, believes we can make a difference. AS411 is not affiliated with any software vendors and we have no financial interest as to which software applications may be selected. Businesses can feel safe using the service and know that their best interests come foremost.” continued Mr. Virga.

The AS411 portal’s software search process takes about five minutes to initiate and begins with an on-line questionnaire that customers complete and then discuss with AS411 staff, as necessary. The new software search service is geared toward customer service and includes complimentary phone consultation to all businesses in the U.S. and Canada that fill out the on-line software selection form. During the phone consultation, an AS411 staff member reviews the information submitted by the business and answers preliminary questions. AS411 then anonymously provides the information to its extensive network of professionals who specialize in assisting companies find and implement accounting software. As professionals are matched with a business, the business is notified by email so that they know someone will be contacting them and who that person will be. Companies are under no obligation to contract with any of the professionals that contact them.

For customers who want to locate accounting application software without the help of a consultant, AS411 also offers the PowerSearch™ tool, a custom search engine that allows users to search for software based on their own unique requirements. The detailed results can then be compared against each other in a side by side fashion providing a powerful yet easy way for users to evaluate software.

AS411’s accounting software search service is available to businesses of all sizes and can be accessed via AS411’s website at the following URL:

About Accounting Software 411 (AS411) is a web portal dedicated to the accounting software industry. The website was initially launched in the fall of 2000. AS411 attracts accounting professionals – and keeps them coming back – with breaking daily news, selected links to Web resources, and content entirely focused on accounting software information. has over 60,000 highly qualified members and is a recognized leader and top resource for accounting professionals. The website features hundreds of links to trial software downloads, custom search tools with side by side software comparisons, a consultants directory, discussion boards and much more. The site also maintains a fully searchable, comprehensive software directory with over 700 vendor and software profiles listed. For more information visit us at or email us at



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